Sep 27, 2016

10th Anniversary - Ombre Cake

When a couple celebrates 10 years of marriage, it is heralded as a much more significant achievement these days.  For this couple however, it is no surprise.  They are a very kind and generous couple who not only live together but work together as well.

The cake requested was a two tier buttercream covered cake in a blue Ombre with at least one daffodil since blue and daffodils are represented in celebrating 10 years.  Vanilla cake with Pineapple filling.
The pig and cat on top represent the Vietnamese calendar animals of the years they were born.

Unfortunately, it must have gotten too warm on the long drive and the bottom tier started to slide on the delicious pineapple filling.  A second cake was done that night and coordinated for a guest to transport it on the day of the party.  The second cake was lemon poppyseed with Swiss Meringue Buttercream and covered in fondant to help it stay cooler and more stable for the long drive.

Eagle Scout Ceremony Cake

Achieving the Eagle Scout rank in the Boy Scout organization is a significant achievement so I was proud to do this cake for Jared.  Jared is most interested in rock climbing, hiking, canoeing and really enjoyed his time at Philmont Boy Scout Camp.

The cake is Chocolate cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Sep 11, 2016

Sweet Little Cow Cake

This sweet little cow cake was for a little boy turning 4 who just loves cows.  The bottom tier is vanilla with a chocolate chip filling, the top tier and cupcakes are chocolate cake with Oreo filling.

Marbled cake

This cake was just for fun, the fondant on the cake was marbled and put on the cak, then accented with painted on highlights and lowlights.

Sep 5, 2016

The Grim Reaper

To celebrate the 50th birthday of a great guy who is excited about using all of the old man stereotypes to his advantage.

The bottom tier was cinnamon streusel with amaretto buttercream, the middle tier was almond poppyseed, and the top tier was chocolate with chocolate ganache filling.  

The grim reaper is rice crispy treats covered in modeling chocolate and fondant.

Sep 1, 2016

Kayti's Panda

My big girl is turning 11 so I've been working on her bear in stages.

And finally, the finished cake!

Aug 28, 2016

40th Birthday Parties Rock

Your 40th birthday doesn't need to be dull, this one definitely rocks!  The jeep is made from rice crispy treats and modeling chocolate, covered by fondant, the bottom rock is a cinnamon stuessel cake with amaretto butter cream, and the top rock is chocolate cake with peanut butter butter cream.

Who You Gonna Call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!!

I love the simplicity and cartoon like look to this cake, it was so much fun to do!  The cake itself is chocolate cake with Oreo butter cream filling.

Aug 18, 2016

Bicep Curl Groom's Cake

This unique groom's cake took a little time to plan for so the progress pictures are below.  The vertical forearm are structured using PVC pipe and connectors with metal flanges.  The flanges get covered in Modeling Chocolate first, then wrapped in rice crispy treats and again Modeling Chocolate and fondant.  The horizontal bicep and shoulder are made of red velvet cake, all covered in fondant and airbrushed for realism.

Work I progress, step 1

Step 2 
Step 3, finishing proportions and barbell size.

Aug 14, 2016

Gender Reveal Cake

This super cute gender reveal cake is strawberry shortcake with fresh strawberries and buttercream.  Frosted in pink and blue buttercream rosettes with gum paste Converse shoes on top.  The color of the cake and buttercream inside reveal the gender of the baby on the way. (It was pink!!)
I think the shoelaces really make the shoe!

Aug 2, 2016

Concord Hills Piranhas Swim Team

This End-Of-Year party was a blast to celebrate a great swim season, the accomplishments of all the swimmers, and the club's 5th place finish at City Meet!

The bottom tier is chocolate cake with Oreo filling, the middle tier is carrot cake, and the top tier is cinnamon streusel.

Aug 1, 2016

Steampunk Top Hat and Suitcase

HWhat a fun cake this was!  Getting and making new molds for the gears, nuts, and keys was just the start of it!  This steampunk style cake is a red velvet top hat with cream cheese filling, and the suitcase is a cinnamon streusel cake with amaretto buttercream filling.  The top hat brim and stripes are modeling chocolate, and the decorations are out of fondant/gum paste.

Cupcake decorations were added as well.

Jun 19, 2016

Ruffle Cake

This was a pretty little vanilla cake has fresh strawberries and vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream filling and a fondant burlap impression flower on top to celebrate a 30th birthday with a touch of elegance.