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You say Stocking Cap, I say Touque

This was a quick little cake for the daycare teacher's party.  Red velvet cake with swiss meringue butter cream frosting, then fondant and frosting again for the fuzzy edge.  I say its a touque, they say its a stocking cap, lets just call it a hat.

Valentine's Heart on a Pillow

I did this several years ago as a donation for a Valentine's Fundraiser, I believe it was all chocolate cake.  Heart and pillow cakes covered in Fondant.

Big Brother baby shower

Big Brother was there to protect the new baby and make sure nobody wakes her up.  The top 2 tiers were pumpkin spice, the bottom was a neopolitan (one chocolate, one cherry, one white layer)  The baby on top was sleeping on top of the cake, toes just sticking out, and brother shushing everyone.  The bottom tier is quilted, middle tier coroneli lace, and top tier with dragees on it.

Sweet Dreams Baby Shower

This cake done last year was a referral from a fellow caker.  The moon is styrofoam but the rest is all edible. Sweet dreams little one, the baby is sleeping in the curve of the moon with clouds and stars all over it.

The big Toad

I finally found the front picture of this big toad, he must have been a sorcerer at one time and missed the mark on his spell.  He's about 24 inches tall and a heavy old toad, warts and all.

4 tier hex wedding cake with fresh roses

I just found the picture of this cake from 2 years ago, it was a 4 tier stacked cake with whipped frosting and real roses.  I set it up and stacked it and finished it up, then had to move it inside because it was 90 degrees and the wedding was running late.

Turkey Lurky

By request I made this roasted little turkey.  Almond poppyseed cake with rasberry/cranberry filling. The kale, cranberries, and orange slices on the tray are real, but the turkey, wings, and stuffing are all cake.  The stuffing is cubed pieces of cake toasted in the oven, the rest of the cake was carved up, covered in fondant with a little added texturing, and then airbrushed.

Casey at the Bat

Our softball teams got together for an after season party yesterday so I made this cake to go.  It has the first 2 verses of Casey at the Bat and Casey himself on top.  I had planned a much larger Casey (there is a half finished 2 foot tall Casey on my table at home) but I threw my back out and couldn't finish the big version and had to make the little one to top the cake with.  The cake itself was a white chocolate cake with a chocolate chip buttercream filling.

Blue's Clues Birthday

This cake was for our very adorable 2 year old neighbor, she does love Blue's Clues.  Its a yellow cake with a chocolate ganache filling.  It came out cartoony and fun and she got to keep Blue off the top because he was made from gumpaste/fondant.  The Blue's Clues big red chair is all cake.

Falling leaves and pumpkins

I know I did one like this last year, but its just so fitting for this time of year. The cake is a pumpkin spice cake with a vanilla swiss meringue buttercream. We took it to a picnic in the park.

Tea with the Queen

My daughter only turns 4 once so we pull out all the stops. Because Grandma was visiting at the same time we did a 'Tea with the Queen' birthday party. The Queen (grandma) read 'Tea for Ruby' to all the dressed up little princesses and served up home made root beer in the miniature china tea set. It was a beautiful sight to see all the wonderful manners all of the children had as they very carefully drank their tea.

The cake was a 3 layer funfetti cake with cherry filling and swiss meringue buttercream icing. On top, my very own Kayti having tea with her babies, wearing the same dress up dress that Grandma bought her for her birthday, so they would match. This was a wonderful day!!

Whats on your mind

What is a 34 year old bachelor thinking about?...Oh, the usual....guns, women, the marines, his dog, his mustang, his jeep, designing tattoos, his online classes, etc. The scary part is that its a red cutting it up will be fun.

Troy's Pre-K graduation cake

Its bittersweet to see the kids growing up. Today was our son's Pre-K graduation, he starts Kindergarten next month but this is a big step. They did a whole cap and gown ceremony with slide shows and video of the kids from throughout the year (He's only been there 3 weeks but they still had plenty of him). After the ceremony was a picnic in the park so I made this cake to go along. Its a marble cake with an Oreo butter cream filling. The little feet under the top cake are 9 boys and 5 girls for the kids in his class ( the girls all have purple toenails).  The graduation cap is cake, the cap board is cardboard covered in Fondant.  The tassel is fondant as well.

A Whippin' birthday

This is my first cake in Tennessee and with limited supplies until the rest get here, all my cakes will be 8 inch round cakes :D

This cake for Miss Amy is a lemon cake with a vanilla swiss meringue butter cream. She's the kind of lady that is sweet and flowers and lace but you can see a glint in her eyes of how she may really be. It was great fun to make but boy do I need to practice roses.  The roses and tiger lilies are fondant, the leather bikini wearing, whip toting figure on top is fondant as well.

No cakes for a while

Well, big changes is our lives and my cake pans are all packed up for now. We're in the process of trying to sell our house and move from Loveland, CO to somewhere in East Tennessee to pursue a position I've been offered. I'll update this as soon as I make my first cake in the new house.

St. Patricks Day birthday party

Some great friends of ours share birthdays right around the happy green day, so I combined it all in their cake. It was a green maple walnut cake with swiss meringue buttercream...looked funny, but tasted great.  Multicolored shamrocks overlap all over the cake.

Baseball Training Camp

For the baseball fan going down to watch the Anaheim Angels and the LA Dodgers spring training.  Peanuts, baseballs, a glove, bat, and infield are all made out of Fondant.

Just a fun little cake

Just for fun and meeting a great group of people, I brought along this little cake. Its an almond poppyseed cake with rasberry swiss meringue buttercream filling.  The Gerber daisies, astromeria, and butterflies are fondant.

Captain Blackbeard and the Queen Anne's Revenge

Here are some additional pictures of the cake

UPDATE: The cake won 2nd place

My entry this year for the Sweet Times in the Rockies cake show at the Denver Home and Garden Show. The Extravagant Cakes category this year had a theme of Caribbean Pirates.

The inspiration I used was the story of Captain Blackbeard, who stole a french slave ship and renamed it The Queen Anne's Revenge. He was a ruthless pirate who took many ships many by sheer intimidation. When his crew became too big and unruly, he ran his flagship aground on a sandbar off the coast of South Carolina and abandoned it and most of his crew. Leaving only with a handpicked short list of his closest.

This was the kind of project I could have just kept working on if I had time....adding more pirates, more equipment, more canons...etc.

I'll update with the results I'll find out sunday at the awards ceremony.

Troy's Superhero birthday

My son's request this year was for 5 superheros to adorn his super 5th birthday:

Spiderman, Batman, Flash, Ironman, and Captain America.

Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year!! We celebrated it with friends, the kids, and this little cake. A spice cake with a maple swiss meringue butter cream icing.