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Cardinal Christmas Cake

Inspiration comes from many things, candles, books, cake magazines, Christmas ornaments, etc.  The Cake Central magazine is always good for ideas, styles, and themes from amazingly talented cakers.  This one was inspired by several Christmas themed cakes in this month's issue, hopefully I will have occasion to make a few more.
 This is a white chocolate cake with alternating swiss meringue butter cream and dark chocolate ganache fillings.  The cake is covered with fondant, airbrushed, then the hills layered on one by one and airbrushed again after each.

Purple layers

This was a fun little surprise birthday cake that my daughter and I designed together.

Softball Glove 2.0

Here is my softball glove, Softball Glove 1.0.  It's dependable, reliable, broken in, and catches almost everything thrown it's way.

Here is my new softball glove, Softball Glove 2.0.  It's new, not broken in, and I have no idea what it can catch.

Or...softball season is over and I'm just a little reluctant to let it go, but I'll take it to the team party and we'll reminisce.

Serving up Crow

When you're serving up a little crow, do it with class and great flavor.

Just for Fun, a little pumpkin bite

When you're thinking you just want a little bite of pumpkin, think of this guy. :)  I was actually giggling when I was working on him last night, I was doing it just for fun and remembered why I love making cakes.

Kayti's 'so cute you could eat it' kitty cake

My sweet daughter Kayti helped mix all the cakes for her Red Velvet pillow of cake under this adorable grey tabby kitten made from rice crispy treats and modeling chocolate.  Kayti also helped make the fondant yarn for the top and picked all the colors.

Classy white wedding cake and camper grooms cake

Two of the tiers of this white on white wedding cake are vanilla cake with strawberry filling, the other is carrot cake with cream cheese filling.  The camper is chocolate cake with ganache filling made to match one of the happy couples' favorite pastimes.

The Beach Awaits

This cake was for a wonderful lady who is really looking forward to a trip to sand and sun and seashells next week.  The seashells were really fun to airbrush and color.  The cake is chocolate with a Kahlua Swiss Meringue Buttercream frosting.

White Sox cupcakes

I do enjoy making something fun for the White Sox Little League team snack near the end of the season.

2013 Graduation Cake

For a most intriguing and bright young lady who is going to go far.  Her wide variety of interests lent challenge to this cake.  She studies language and took a trip to Paris (the books and Eiffel Tower), she is an avid Harry Potter fan and involved in drama (the owl and the masks).

First Anniversary cake

Everyone should have cake when they get married, sometimes priorities get shifted but eventually you should have cake!

Sweet Sixteen Topsy Turvy

This 3 tier topsy turvy cake was a lot of fun, in lilac and mint colors.  Chocolate with Oreo buttercream, Lemon cake with lemon filling, and Italian Creame cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

Easter Bunnies causing confusion

I'm sure the inspiration for this didn't come from the two day road trip with the kids...

Great Cake Bake 2013 - 'Mother's love grows by giving'

This year, thoroughly outside of my comfort zone, I sketched a cake in a moment of inspiration.  This cake is more simple, clean and artistic than I have ever come up with.  The hardest part was finishing it 2 days early and then sitting on my hands not to keep adding details, flowers, vines...

'Mother's love grows by giving' - Charles Lamb
 The faces are molded out of modeling chocolate underneath the fondant.  The roses, vines and leaves are all fondant/gumpaste.