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Snowflake Snowman cake

Just a fun little snow cake I did for my friends.

Calvin and Hobbes Snowman Gallery

All of my favorite Calvin and Hobbes snowman scenes.

On a butter pecan cake with a cinnamon creamcheese frosting

Snowman head bowling, Snow sharks, The snow cone killer, The snowman execution, Snowman lobotomy...

Scrapbooking - cake style

This is how I scrapbook, I start with a clean white cake....and stamp on my designs with a little food coloring and a stamp.

Powermatic wood lathe

My dear husband Randy got a new powermatic wood lathe for his birthday, so his cake was a miniature of the same.

Dead Jack-o-lantern

Ok, this is all out of my own morbid sense of humor. This poor jack-o-lantern has been stabbed and bled out. The mice and worms are already infesting.
The cake is of course a Pumpkin Spice cake

Wizard of Oz

Just follow the yellow brick road from the Wicked Witch of the East under the cake, to Dorothy, the Lion, The tin man, and The Scarecrow

Grateful Dead wedding cake

Grateful Dead fan gets married.
The dancing bears were on the back of the cake (so as not to give her mother a heart attack) and on the front were the happy couple mountain climbing up the cake to the chocolate mountain on top.

Fall animal fun

If we like fall wouldn't you think the animals would love that too?

For this little 1st birthday cake I had pictured in my head a tree with just a few leaves left on it and all the animals playing in the leaves below...the bear, the bunnies, the squirrels, and skunks too.

It was a pumpkin spice cake too, great for fall.

Baseball caps

Batter Up!

Cake baseball caps, the brims are molded and dried in a real hat brim to get the right shape

New York Yankees

Colorado Rockies

Toyota Prius

My first car cake is this white Toyota Prius with red velvet interior. This 16 year old will be disappointed because this is the only car she's getting.

Red gerber daisy wedding cake

I love these big red gerber daisies, the flowers were fresh and the cake topper was ceramic.

Baby Shower cakes

Little baby bubbles was my first baby shower cake, the bathtub was molded fondant, filled with whipped cream and fondant bubbles.

A sweet little baby shower cake that says 'All the sweet things a baby girl brings'

Hand molded bathtub and rug, bubbles and duck, bed and bear.

I did a couple of cakes to match their baby shower invitations

The Kayti Fairy birthday cake

When our daughter turned 2, I made a Kayti Fairy which she still has in a display box in her bedroom.

This little Kayti fairy is sitting atop her toadstool house on a rock wall in the forest. The ladybugs and bees are buzzing around her because she's just so very sweet.

We've called our girl Kaytibug since she had so much hair she had little pigtails on top of her head from the time she was 5 months old and they looked like antenae.

2007 Larimer County Fair cake

This was my first County Fair entry, I did a County Fair scene. It won 1st place in Fondant Decorated Cakes, and Champion in Decorated Cakes, and an Outstanding Exhibit award.

With Fair games, cowboys, ferris wheel, baked goods table...

Bull rider and the horse rescuer

The 4H animal winners...

Whimsical 1st birthday

Just a fun little birthday cake inspired by the decorations her mom got for the party

Bowling birthday

This was for an 8 year old birthday party at a bowling alley. I'm pretty sure the pins would be terrified if we could see their faces. I painted the bowling lane on the cake.

My first wedding cake

My aunt in law took a chance and had me do the wedding cake. I convinced her I could do a little more than a vanilla cake with vanilla frosting so this is a White Chocolate cake with semi-sweet chips and a crusting buttercream frosting that was smoothed to almost look like fondant without being fondant.

Down on the farm

Graham cracker barn covered in fondant, pretzel fencing, and fondant horses.

pig and cow and horse oh my!

She'll be driving 6 white horses when she comes... each one with its own personality and hairdo.

Frog party

This fun frog party was a busy little cake, with cat tails, flies, bees, lady bugs buzzing all about.

Xbox 360

This Xbox 360 cake was made to match the young man's Xbox that had a custom skin on it. They sent pictures of the controller and the xbox to copy.

This took some fondant, some painting, some molding and a lot of patience :D

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

I had such a good time making this little gem, molding each of the dwarfs faces and Snow white's body. Under her skirt is where the cake is at as well as under all of them.

Who says you can't tie dye a cake?

I had these two requests close to each other. A teenager who loves tie dye.

And this little cake for a missed birthday. It says Merry Unbirthday Therese.

What kind of cake?

Can you tell what kind of cake it is? A wheat free cake of course! For someone who doesn't get to have wheat so never gets a birthday they didn't know what to put on the cake, they just wanted something

Jungle birthday

I did this fun little cake for a little girl's first birthday. It was so much fun to make. I was clapping my hands together with excitement when each of the animals were finished, they were just so darn cute.

The animals were formed around the pillars to hold up the top tier

Giraffe and Lion

The fun little elephant on top with his cute little belly button

The zebra was my favorite, I painted all the stripes on and I thought he had the cutest face.

50th birthday grave

Barry's wife wanted the black tipped roses to celebrate her husband's foot in the grave.

The gravestone says 'We mourn the passing of your youth"

Slot Machine Gambling cake

For the lady who loves to gamble. Bingo, poker and slots. The cake is a wheat free white chocolate cake.

Troy's circus train birthday

Troy turned 3 with the circus train.

The Thomas the train engine, pulling the elephant, the bears, and the giraffes.

The train cars were connected by licorice, piroline axles under the train cars, and Oreo cookie wheels.

The great charcoal cake

There is a story that goes along with this cake. With the house on the market I tried to bake something every time we showed the house so that it smelled good all day. We got short notice to show the house so I threw a cake in the oven, cleaned like a whirling dirvish, got the kids packed up, the dogs in the car, and got out of the house for the first of 3 showings that day. We spent the day at grandma's house accross town. At around 3pm, with the kids napping at grandma's, Randy and grandma out shopping, the thought snapped back into my head that the cake was still in the oven....almost 8 hours later!! So the house smelled like burned cinnamon spice cake, it was a little smokey but none of the realtors said anything about it... What you get left with is a perfectly black cake, all the way through. This happy occasion coincided with our neighbor's 50th birthday so Randy dared me to decorate the burned cake and give it to him. With his wife in on it, I decorated it up, and ga…