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Chevy 350 Engine block **with sound and movement

Updates on its arrival, but this groom's cake has just left my safe, non moving, temperate environment for a 4 hour journey to the wedding site.  I will update when I've received the call that it arrived and its ok, otherwise I'll be sick all weekend over it.  Then I will resume breathing.

And the cherry on manually turning the fly wheel, the fan belt turns the alternator and fan blade, and the sound chip plays the sounds of the engine this cake was modeled after, starting up.

Joshua City Fire Department

Joshua loves firemen and in Joshua City, he gets to be chief.  The uniform is a little big yet, but he'll grow into it.  For now, his birthday celebrates Engine Number 5.

Fancy Nancy

This Fancy Nancy is decorating a cupcake for the birthday girl in her own special Fancy Nancy style, with a crown in her crazy curly hair along with several bows and butterflies.  Its a chocolate cake with Oreo Butter cream filling.

Baby Grand Piano

This Baby Grand piano cake is for a musician who composes music of his own, including a song called Calabasis (I hope I have the spelling right).  I don't know the tune, so the notes on the sheet music are pretty random, I wouldn't suggest trying to play them.  They're written on rice paper with edible ink.  Its a chocolate cake with Oreo butter cream filling.  Inside the piano bench is a recordable sound chip I used to record a very quickly remembered tune of Happy Birthday on our be a place holder until the gentleman's daughter can record herself singing Calabasis.

Kayti's Carnival Birthday

The cake itself was designed by my daughter (with a little creative nudging) to be a popcorn box on top of the pink harlequin cake, with animals around it that you might win as prizes at the carnival.  The cake by itself wasn't as fun as the whole day put together, where our daughter with her little friends had water balloon fights, face painting, t-shirt stamping, cupcake decorating, balloon animals, and dress up time.  It was a lot of fun.  The bottom cake is vanilla cake with blueberry filling, the top cake is white chocolate chocolate chip cake with chocolate ganache filling.  The popcorn on top is hand molded and painted painstakingly one by one.  All worth it.

Chicago Blackhawks

I'm sorry to my fellow sports fans...a sad state of affairs....the first 3 people to see the cake said...Chicago Blackhawks...who are they?  Are they a team?...Oh, thats a puck?  That makes more sense... (head slap)

Its a red velvet hockey puck, hand made Blackhawks logo.