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Sweet Snowman

This sweet little Snowman cake was requested to be the centerpiece of his family Christmas Eve dinner.  The cake is red velvet with a cream cheese swiss meringue buttercream frosting.  The little snowman is made from rice crispy treats and covered in fondant.

Coach Birthday

Each season of Little League is made possible by the volunteer coaches and we are lucky enough to have Coach Jenn's passion and leadership this season.  Her birthday coincides with the end of the season so we celebrated with this red velvet, and white chocolate, chocolate chip cake.

Don't Drink and Fly!

Safety first, Witches!!  Don't drink and fly, it's just not worth it!  This poor pumpkin was minding his own business when out of nowhere a witch crashed into him.

For our softball team year end party, this little pumpkin was made out of chocolate cake with a chocolate Bavarian cream filling.

Zentangle Pumpkin

This little cake was so much fun and tied together a Zentangle drawing style to cake.  It's a pumpkin spice cake.

'This Frosting Has No Sugar'

Sometimes a prank is something you have to really sell.  When I walking into the home of our birthday friend, I launched into tales of having a day where nothing went right.  Obviously embarrassed over the sparsely decorated cake I was bringing, explained by lumpy frosting, running out of fondant, and running colors, I handed over the cake  finishing up with declaring I didn't even have time to taste the frosting so I hoped I at least got that right.
The look on his face was priceless when he tasted the frosting and was trying so hard to figure out how to nicely tell me it was NOT good!  I managed great shock and dismay when he finally said 'there's no sugar in it'.  His Mother In Law tasted it and brought up the clue that broke the joke wide open...'is that potatoes??'
Why yes, yes it is!  Meatloaf cake layers frosted with mashed potatoes.
I had made another cake though so all is forgiven (I hope) and we were able to trick the kids all into trying the 'fro…

For My Little Cupcake

This year Kayti liked this fun little fantasy candy tower with a cupcake on top.  The cakes are red velvet, and lemon poppyseed.

Grumpy Cat Cake

This cake was for a very special young lady who loves Grumpy Cat.  The cat itself is made out of rice crispy treats and modeling chocolate.  The cake is a vanilla cake with chocolate chips.

Accounting on Graduation

This little cake was to celebrate the accomplishments of a lovely lady At the office who earned her accounting degree.

Clemson Argyle Pants

This groom has been known to wear Clemson colored Argyle pants the look remarkably like the side of this cake.

Concord Hills Piranhas

This is the first year our kids have been in swim club for the summer and they really enjoyed swimming every day and meets each week.  I had a great helper this weekend working on a surprise cake for the team party tonight and she gets to be there to deliver it!
The bottom tier is chocolate cake with alternating Oreo and ganache filling, the middle tier is lemon poppyseed, and the top tier is red velvet.

This one took several days to form so here are some work in progress shots.


Sweet little Mickey Mouse cake in a vanilla cake with Swiss Meeingue Buttercream!

Sweet Sixteen

A sixteenth birthday is a very special one, so this Topsy Turvy harlequin style cake is just the thing to celebrate it.  The top tier is chocolate with Oreo buttercream, the center tier is chocolate with a Ganache filling, and the bottom tier is Italian create cake with Swiss Meringue buttercream.

Jack & Jill Bridal Shower

This adorable couple is going to get married shortly and since they both work at the same office, a joint shower it was.  The top tier is chocolate cake with a ganache filling, the bottom tier is vanilla with a Swiss meringue buttercream.

Beach Birthday

This sweet little first birthday smash cake was so fun I made it twice!  The birthday girl had a beach ball/beach party and hopefully got cake EVERYWHERE because the ball was making a great splash! It is a vanilla cake with Swiss Meringue Buttercream, the beachball too.

Owl She Wants To Say Is "Happy Birthday"

This little owl makes me smile!  Made for a wonderful lady I work with who loves owls, and who happened to get one just like this as a gift from her daughter for Mother's Day (I had no idea).  She is lemon poppyseed with alternating Swiss Meringue Buttercream and Lemon filling.  The feathers and circles were all cut out of fondant, rolled with an impression mat, and cut out.  The shapes were carefully laid in rows and airbrushed to  get the fading color.

Quilt it or Cake it?

This cake for my Mother in Law has no writing on it, because it is in celebration of her birthday and Mother's Day, both of which we didn't get to celebrate together.  Putting those sentiments on the cake was going to come out something like "Happy Birth Mother's Day" but that just didn't sound right.

The cake is carrot, with cream cheese Swiss meringue buttercream and decorated to honor one of her hobbies.  There are three colors of "fabric", two designs of each color, laid out in a diagonal pattern with a fondant button on top.

Kermit The Frog

To enjoy this cake properly, it must be read in a convincing Kermit voice.  'Kermit the Frog here - to wish you a Happy Birthday'.  See??  Much better!

The cake is white chocolate with a dark chocolate ganache filling.  Kermit is made of Fondant/Gumpaste mixture.