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Ladybug Ladybug fly away home...

This cake was so much fun, she's a german chocolate cake with the coconut pecan frosting.  Covered her in pink fondant and air brushed her to red.  Ladybug Ladybug fly away home.

Pirhanas fishing wedding cake

This one was a delicate balance of adding humor to a casual wedding and the delicate ceramic topper chosen.  The flowers on the bride statue are ceramic and part of the topper, the rest I made to match those.  Its hard to tell, but the cake is a very subtle green.  The wedding is at the dock, and he would have you think he'd rather dive in with the pirhanas than get married.

Classic Pooh

This sweet little baby shower cake was a spice cake with maple buttercream filling.  Classic Pooh tiles on the sides of the cake made from fondant, hand molded and edged.  They're 2 dimensional but popping off the tile a little, so almost 3D.  Eeyore on top is fondant/gumpaste and entirely edible.