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Girl Purple Minion

My daughter Kayti has a creative streak as well and requested a Minion cake; not only that but a Purple Minion cake; not only that but a Girl Purple Minion cake.  We had to do a couple of sketches to get it right and plan so she could keep the minion.

The minion itself is made from rice crispy treats and modeling chocolate, covered in fondant.  The cupcakes are red velvet with Oreo swiss meringue butter cream filling (her flavor combination) and pink swiss meringue butter cream frosting.

Can you just hear it saying 'BWWWWAAAA' as it smashes the cupcakes while wearing little pink converse shoes?

Mario Kart

A cake you can continue adding to eternally but have to stop at some point.  I could have gone on making coins, bananas, bombs, and mushrooms for days although I might have run out of space on the cake too.

The cake is a vanilla cake with a sweet vanilla bean swiss meringue butter cream filling.