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Wood Badge Owl Troop

This cake was to celebrate the beading ceremony for the owl troop.  The second shot at making a plaid interior.  This one turned out better!

Sweet Rosettes Baby Shower Cake

This sweet little cake is two tiers of fruity sweet fun for a baby shower.  The bottom tier is strawberry shortcake, the top tier is vanilla with a blackberry buttercream filling.  Buttercream rosettes cover the bottom tier.  My pictures didn't turn out so good for some reason, its a pretty pink and white.

Wood badge beading celebration

My husband is earning his beads in his WoodBadge group tomorrow night!  I'm proud of his accomplishments!  The bottom tier is almond poppyseed and the top tier is red velvet.  The plaid is layers of airbrushing and hand painting to get the effect.

I had to wait until it was cut to see how it turned out, and it's not quite plaid inside, but not too bad!