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Books Can Take You Wherever You Want To Be

I just dropped this off at the Imagination Library's Great Cake Bake 2015, there is some very stiff competition this year that is quite intimidating.  Because this is for the Imagination Library, I try to center around books so with the lovely 2 weeks straight of snow days around here, the cake is intended to show that no matter where you are, you can escape to a whole new place within a book.

The snowman base and sand pail are the cake parts although for competition, this one is not edible.  The tree is modeling chocolate covering PVC pipe, the icicles are pulled sugar, the snowflakes poured sugar.  The leaves on the tree are pastillage with airbrushed color (this was a new medium for me so I learned a lot).  The seashells are all gumpaste and hand dusted with the layers of color.  The books are gumpaste with rice paper pages inside airbrushed and hand painted to match the books they represent.  The sand is graham cracker crumbs, pureed crackers, and brown sugar mi…

All Star Baby Boy

This sweet little baby shower cake is vanilla with raspberry filling, the glove is modeling chocolate and the sweet baby is fondant/gumpaste.  The mold used to make the baby is so detailed that I had to put a diaper on him to make him decent!

LaserQuest - Minion Style

When Troy rough sketched his Laser Quest theme cake he laid out the walls, the maze interior and marked where the players should be placed.  He didn't exactly say WHO the players were...  So to his surprise the Minions are all running scared from the crazy purple Minion and I'm not saying who that one was!!  Some of them have been shot already by the red indicator lights on their chests, the green indicators are still on the hunt.  Some of them don't seem to know what they are doing in this maze.

The leader board identified the top ranked Minions in this game by code name.

The cake is German Chocolate with the Coconut Pecan filling.