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Turkey Lurky

By request I made this roasted little turkey.  Almond poppyseed cake with rasberry/cranberry filling. The kale, cranberries, and orange slices on the tray are real, but the turkey, wings, and stuffing are all cake.  The stuffing is cubed pieces of cake toasted in the oven, the rest of the cake was carved up, covered in fondant with a little added texturing, and then airbrushed.

Casey at the Bat

Our softball teams got together for an after season party yesterday so I made this cake to go.  It has the first 2 verses of Casey at the Bat and Casey himself on top.  I had planned a much larger Casey (there is a half finished 2 foot tall Casey on my table at home) but I threw my back out and couldn't finish the big version and had to make the little one to top the cake with.  The cake itself was a white chocolate cake with a chocolate chip buttercream filling.

Blue's Clues Birthday

This cake was for our very adorable 2 year old neighbor, she does love Blue's Clues.  Its a yellow cake with a chocolate ganache filling.  It came out cartoony and fun and she got to keep Blue off the top because he was made from gumpaste/fondant.  The Blue's Clues big red chair is all cake.