Dec 12, 2011

Eight Little Bonbons - a Christmas story

Lets sit down by the fire and I'll tell you a story of Eight Little Bonbons.  

Once upon a time there were eight Little Bonbons 
      nestled in their cups
Coated in Chocolate, topped with drizzles and nuts.  
Along came Santa with a tall glass of milk 
Who sat down beside them in his stockings of silk.

 With no-one to tell him about what was what
He cut them all open to check out their guts
Although the cookie dough made him smile
The peanut butter sent him to the sleigh for another pile


 He brought in more packages and sat down for another                The Chocolate Kahlua gave him a giggle to smother                         So he grabbed up the carrot cake and said with a smile               
"That will take me on at least another mile"
Those little bonbons stuck in his head                                         And surely that family must still be in bed                                         He came back 3 more times later that night                                        Each time bearing more gifts, to get just one more bite                                   

 The next year as it happens Santa remembered that house
He traveled there first, quiet as a mouse
Stepping into the parlor he spied bright as day
A bounty of bonbons left right in his way
So he took all the bonbons and left the whole sleigh

The End

Dec 4, 2011

Poker night

Extra points if you know whose hand this is and what it is called.  All the poker chips and cards are fondant, the cake is spice cake with a pumpkin swiss meringue buttercream.

Nov 13, 2011

Tom's Invitation

Our dear friend Tom is a little bit concerned about the meaning behind the invitation he got in the mail this week...I'm sure it was all in innocence...
Its almond poppy-seed cake with raspberry filling and its going to take a little flight with me tomorrow...see, turkeys can fly.

Skateboard Graffiti

Nine year old Aaron loves skateboards, and had a tough time until this week deciding between an Angry Birds cake and a Skateboard cake...  Problem solved, 2 in 1.  The graffiti was all airbrushed on, then hand painted outlines.   Strawberry shortcake.

New way to view TJ Happy Cakes

There are some new templates for this blog site but not all are available in all browsers and versions.  If you click on 'Pictures Dynamic View' on the top of this page it will take you to the new dynamic view that easily shows a picture from each post made.  At the top it provides the option to sort the posts/pictures by labels/categories, by month, etc.

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Nov 12, 2011

Oak Ridge football

Birthday boy plays for the Oak Ridge football team. Its a vanilla cake with a peanut butter swiss meringue buttercream filling.

Turtle baby shower cake

I've named the turtle 'Toby' but I'm not sure why.  He's welcoming a coming baby at a baby shower this morning.  Red Velvet cake with cream cheese swiss meringue buttercream frosting.

Nov 6, 2011

Just in time for Tea

At the request of a young lady who enjoys tea parties with her Grandma, this was for Grandma's birthday.  I empathize with those who hand paint china, its certainly not easy.  This is a white chocolate, chocolate chip cake.

Oct 28, 2011

Ernie's Pumpkin Pie Factory

At Ernie's Pumpkin Pie Factory we sell only the freshest of pies, hot out of the

Oct 20, 2011

One good Ghoul deserves another?

So since the first little ghost ghoul turned out so stinkin' cute, I made another for the bake sale, and a pumpkin to go with it.  I love making pumpkins in the fall....its pumpkin spice cake of course.

Oct 19, 2011

Its not the ghost, but the gouhl within...

Just made this fun little cake out of strawberry shortcake.  My favorite part are the toes and telling whats under there...

Oct 13, 2011

Class and sophistication baby shower

This baby will have very beautiful fabrics in her room of grey, green, black and white striping, and beautiful burgundy/peach flowers.  The colors and style of the cake took inspiration from the fabrics, and added pearly white butterflies.  Violet Grace is honored with violets on a silver cake.

Fall leaves and pumpkins

I'm pretty sure I make a leaves and pumpkin cake every year, but they're fun, pretty, and no matter what, its still cake.  Chocolate cake with ganache filling to be exact. 

Oct 8, 2011

Hello Kitty

A very beautiful young lady is turning 6 this week and her friend Hello Kitty is here to celebrate.  Hello Kitty is made from rice crispy treats then covered in fondant.

UT vs Georgia

Big rivalry college football game, but the requester of this cake didn't want blatant sides UT's Smokey the blue tick hound whupping up on the Georgia bulldog, so we made it pre-game. The fight is going to be on though.  Its a chocolate cake with Oreo butter cream filling.

Sep 30, 2011

Chevy 350 Engine block **with sound and movement

Updates on its arrival, but this groom's cake has just left my safe, non moving, temperate environment for a 4 hour journey to the wedding site.  I will update when I've received the call that it arrived and its ok, otherwise I'll be sick all weekend over it.  Then I will resume breathing.

And the cherry on manually turning the fly wheel, the fan belt turns the alternator and fan blade, and the sound chip plays the sounds of the engine this cake was modeled after, starting up.