Eight Little Bonbons - a Christmas story

Lets sit down by the fire and I'll tell you a story of Eight Little Bonbons.  

Once upon a time there were eight Little Bonbons 
      nestled in their cups
Coated in Chocolate, topped with drizzles and nuts.  
Along came Santa with a tall glass of milk 
Who sat down beside them in his stockings of silk.

 With no-one to tell him about what was what
He cut them all open to check out their guts
Although the cookie dough made him smile
The peanut butter sent him to the sleigh for another pile


 He brought in more packages and sat down for another                The Chocolate Kahlua gave him a giggle to smother                         So he grabbed up the carrot cake and said with a smile               
"That will take me on at least another mile"
Those little bonbons stuck in his head                                         And surely that family must still be in bed                                         He came back 3 more times later that night                                        Each time bearing more gifts, to get just one more bite                                   

 The next year as it happens Santa remembered that house
He traveled there first, quiet as a mouse
Stepping into the parlor he spied bright as day
A bounty of bonbons left right in his way
So he took all the bonbons and left the whole sleigh

The End