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Snoopy and his doghouse

This little snoopy cake was definitely fun. Its an almond poppyseed cake with rasberry buttercream filling in it. Its for a 1st birthday so little Woodstock is sitting on the smash cake.

Volcano Explosion

This smoking volcano cake was for a young man named Keegan. There was a cup in the top of the cake to put the dry ice and water in. I'm still hoping to get more pictures of the smoke coming down the sides of the cake.

Troy's Christmas party cake

This cake was made for my son's class Christmas party this week. The Shingles are all golden graham cereal. The rocks and woodwork are all fondant and the cake is a yellow cake with a chocolate chip butter cream filling.  Santa is headed down the chimney of this little cabin to deliver a bag full of goodies.

Woodturners Achievements

For the local Woodturner club Christmas Party, a cake that reflects what every woodturner makes most.....Sawdust!!

The pile of sawdust usually far outweighs the size of the output turning.

Wearing proper turning attire, steel toed boots, long sleeved shirt, and an apron.

Its a Powermatic lathe with a thumbnail gouge and a scraping tool.

50th Anniversary

To celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary, this couple's wonderful kids had this golden wedding cake made. The tiered cake is as close a replica as we could come from input from the bride and a 50 year old slide picture.

We re-used the original wedding topper they had in 1958.

My snow wishes cake

If I keep hoping for snow and make icing snow flakes and keep singing the song will that make it happen??
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  Butter cream snowflakes cover the sides.


Scary little ghost cake I did for work, and I can't help myself, my pumpkins were cake related too :D

Eddie Royal Bronco's cake

This young birthday boy wanted a cake with Denver Bronco's player Eddie Royal #19 and himself, #23 on his own little football team on the cake. Well, if you are not very specific, you are at the mercy of my imagination... This is what I think it would look like if they played together

Pirate birthday cake

Fun little pirates birthday party with a young pirate the birthday boy got to keep.

My first topsy turvy cake

A dear friend who was formerly in the navy, just turned 40 and I'd been dying to try a topsy turvy cake for the occasion. She doesn't like fondant so I did it in buttercream

Blue ribbon fresh daisies wedding cake

This cake was done for a friend's wedding, each tier was a separate flavor and all covered in Swiss Meringue Butter Cream. Red velvet cake with buttercream filling, Pumpkin spice with buttercream filling, Chocolate with peanutbutter buttercream filling, and Almond poppyseed cake with rasberry filling.

A little magic and a saucy rabbit

This is a fun little birthday cake I just finished for a young man's magic themed birthday party.  The magic top hat with a saucy little rabbit eating a carrot, waiting for his big moment.

I think the rabbit turned out pretty cute.

Cherries Bachelorette Party cake

The bride saw this cake in a magazine and wanted it for her bacherlorette party tomorrow night. Its a cherry chip cake with cherry filling.

Fun fall pumpkins

Did this fun little fall pumpkin cake for work. A pumpkin spice cake with bavarian cream frosting, white chocolate fondant, and fondant leaves. A little air brushing goes a long way.

The Chocolate Horse

From the same structure I used to make the bull cake, I made this modeling chocolate horse. No cake in the horse this time because it had to make a 10 hour trek. I made the rest of the cake and iced it there.

Finished off, he looked pretty great, but because I had to put him in a cake, his feet were left to be lost in the grass.

The rider is the birthday girl of course, in her printed dress and painted toenails

She has indeed kept the horse for as long as possible.

Hydrangea mini wedding cake

A very sophisticated teenager requested this miniature wedding style cake with hydrangeas on it for her birthday.


My first gumpaste orchids on a nice little fondant covered cake. What it hides underneath however is a spice cake, covered and filled with a maple swiss meringue buttercream frosting. Sounds good doesn't it?

Then I sat and stared at it while I was working and couldn't stand it anymore. I painted on more flowers.

Then....if you stare at it long enough you hate how it turned out and with 1 hour to go before delivery, you take the fondant off, trash the orchids, and start over.

Much happier with these orchids.

4 Jokers

For a teenage girl who is quite the joker.

Since I KNOW I can't make 4 paintings identical, each joker is unique and hand painted.

Hot Air Balloon

My first hot air balloon cake and I'm already planning how I can structure it better

I used a hanging candle holder/vase as the structure between the balloon and basket

What would you be doing in a hot air balloon on your birthday?? Be lounging, drinking a beer.

'32 Ford Roadster

For a guy into hot rodz and toyz, his girlfriend asked me to make this 32 Ford Roadster. Its a dull rusty color because the body is the last thing to be done and the nice shiney engine always gets done first.

Hot Rod Toyz

Beauty and the Beast birthday cake

I've been working on molding faces from modeling chocolate using a sculpting how-to book. They're starting to get cheekbones, chins, etc.

Here is our daughter's 3rd birthday cake. She wanted Beauty and the Beast princess cake. So here is Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere, Cogs worth and Belle.

Under the skirt is chocolate cake with an Oreo butter cream filling. The cake underneath is chocolate cake with a peanut butter mousse filling.

The characters were hand molded and painted from fondant