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Great Cake Bake 2013 - 'Mother's love grows by giving'

This year, thoroughly outside of my comfort zone, I sketched a cake in a moment of inspiration.  This cake is more simple, clean and artistic than I have ever come up with.  The hardest part was finishing it 2 days early and then sitting on my hands not to keep adding details, flowers, vines...

'Mother's love grows by giving' - Charles Lamb
 The faces are molded out of modeling chocolate underneath the fondant.  The roses, vines and leaves are all fondant/gumpaste.

Lego My Cake - Finished

After the harassment Troy received for not being suitably appreciative of his cake last year, he's been very grateful this year.  Every minute of work is worth it to see him this happy.  Sleep will come later.

Lego My Cake

This one is still a work in progress because his party isn't until Saturday but I'm having so much fun and actually documenting it as I go. So for my son's 9th birthday, he is building himself out of a box of Lego parts by Awesome Inc.