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Logan's deco cake

Inspired by a Cake Central Magazine cake, I made this for a very special girl.  Red Velvet cake with layered stripes, butterflies, bows, and her lovely L.

Turkey in a Box

Ever wonder what to get that special friend in your life whose birthday lands right around Thanskgiving?  Don't worry, you can give them a turkey in a box....its really hard to keep the turkey inside the box, but...

Fun little fall cake

Lets see if this cake can fly.  I'm taking it as my carry-on for my flight tomorrow, only one layover in Dallas.  My biggest fear is that it gets too heavy or I get tackled by a following of people drawn by the smell of chocolate and sugar.

Update:  The cake board fit JUST inside the box, the box JUST fit under the seat in front of me, nobody tackled me in the airport and it made it unscathed.  The pumpkins and leaves were all airbrushed.

Volleyball Seniors

Each year the seniors on the team celebrate their careers on the volleyball team.  Each silhouette represents a senior playing the position they've played on the team.