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You say Stocking Cap, I say Touque

This was a quick little cake for the daycare teacher's party.  Red velvet cake with swiss meringue butter cream frosting, then fondant and frosting again for the fuzzy edge.  I say its a touque, they say its a stocking cap, lets just call it a hat.

Valentine's Heart on a Pillow

I did this several years ago as a donation for a Valentine's Fundraiser, I believe it was all chocolate cake.  Heart and pillow cakes covered in Fondant.

Big Brother baby shower

Big Brother was there to protect the new baby and make sure nobody wakes her up.  The top 2 tiers were pumpkin spice, the bottom was a neopolitan (one chocolate, one cherry, one white layer)  The baby on top was sleeping on top of the cake, toes just sticking out, and brother shushing everyone.  The bottom tier is quilted, middle tier coroneli lace, and top tier with dragees on it.

Sweet Dreams Baby Shower

This cake done last year was a referral from a fellow caker.  The moon is styrofoam but the rest is all edible. Sweet dreams little one, the baby is sleeping in the curve of the moon with clouds and stars all over it.

The big Toad

I finally found the front picture of this big toad, he must have been a sorcerer at one time and missed the mark on his spell.  He's about 24 inches tall and a heavy old toad, warts and all.

4 tier hex wedding cake with fresh roses

I just found the picture of this cake from 2 years ago, it was a 4 tier stacked cake with whipped frosting and real roses.  I set it up and stacked it and finished it up, then had to move it inside because it was 90 degrees and the wedding was running late.