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Graduation 2012 cake

This graduation cake for a 2012 Farragut High School grad has the Farragut Admirals anchor logo and stars to honor the school.  The cake is chocolate with a ganache filling.

Chicago WhiteSox throwback cap

The little league season is ending and we wanted to thank the coaches for all the hard work they have put in this season.  Don't worry, the kids all had cupcakes too.  The cake is a white chocolate, chocolate chip cake with a ganache filling.

Spring Flower cake

This cake has some of my favorite flowers ever.  All hand molded and dusted with colors to get the shading.  The magnolias are a hard flower to do.  Magnolias, Calla Lilies, Roses, and a Sunflower.  The cake is a chocolate cake with a ganache filling.

Gymnastics Party cake

To celebrate the end of a season of gymnastics, this cake has some of the paintings from the walls of the gymnastics studio, tumbling kids, and a Thank You to the teacher.