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Just a fun little cake

Just for fun and meeting a great group of people, I brought along this little cake. Its an almond poppyseed cake with rasberry swiss meringue buttercream filling.  The Gerber daisies, astromeria, and butterflies are fondant.

Captain Blackbeard and the Queen Anne's Revenge

Here are some additional pictures of the cake

UPDATE: The cake won 2nd place

My entry this year for the Sweet Times in the Rockies cake show at the Denver Home and Garden Show. The Extravagant Cakes category this year had a theme of Caribbean Pirates.

The inspiration I used was the story of Captain Blackbeard, who stole a french slave ship and renamed it The Queen Anne's Revenge. He was a ruthless pirate who took many ships many by sheer intimidation. When his crew became too big and unruly, he ran his flagship aground on a sandbar off the coast of South Carolina and abandoned it and most of his crew. Leaving only with a handpicked short list of his closest.

This was the kind of project I could have just kept working on if I had time....adding more pirates, more equipment, more canons...etc.

I'll update with the results I'll find out sunday at the awards ceremony.

Troy's Superhero birthday

My son's request this year was for 5 superheros to adorn his super 5th birthday:

Spiderman, Batman, Flash, Ironman, and Captain America.