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Snoopy and his doghouse

This little snoopy cake was definitely fun. Its an almond poppyseed cake with rasberry buttercream filling in it. Its for a 1st birthday so little Woodstock is sitting on the smash cake.

Volcano Explosion

This smoking volcano cake was for a young man named Keegan. There was a cup in the top of the cake to put the dry ice and water in. I'm still hoping to get more pictures of the smoke coming down the sides of the cake.

Troy's Christmas party cake

This cake was made for my son's class Christmas party this week. The Shingles are all golden graham cereal. The rocks and woodwork are all fondant and the cake is a yellow cake with a chocolate chip butter cream filling.  Santa is headed down the chimney of this little cabin to deliver a bag full of goodies.

Woodturners Achievements

For the local Woodturner club Christmas Party, a cake that reflects what every woodturner makes most.....Sawdust!!

The pile of sawdust usually far outweighs the size of the output turning.

Wearing proper turning attire, steel toed boots, long sleeved shirt, and an apron.

Its a Powermatic lathe with a thumbnail gouge and a scraping tool.