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Dead Jack-o-lantern

Ok, this is all out of my own morbid sense of humor. This poor jack-o-lantern has been stabbed and bled out. The mice and worms are already infesting.
The cake is of course a Pumpkin Spice cake

Wizard of Oz

Just follow the yellow brick road from the Wicked Witch of the East under the cake, to Dorothy, the Lion, The tin man, and The Scarecrow

Grateful Dead wedding cake

Grateful Dead fan gets married.
The dancing bears were on the back of the cake (so as not to give her mother a heart attack) and on the front were the happy couple mountain climbing up the cake to the chocolate mountain on top.

Fall animal fun

If we like fall wouldn't you think the animals would love that too?

For this little 1st birthday cake I had pictured in my head a tree with just a few leaves left on it and all the animals playing in the leaves below...the bear, the bunnies, the squirrels, and skunks too.

It was a pumpkin spice cake too, great for fall.

Baseball caps

Batter Up!

Cake baseball caps, the brims are molded and dried in a real hat brim to get the right shape

New York Yankees

Colorado Rockies