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Sweet tree - Baby Shower Cake

A very lovely young lady in the office is having a baby girl soon and inspired by the baby's room, the baby shower cake below came to be.  The top tier is white chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache, the bottom tier is red velvet with cream cheese Swiss Meringue Butter Cream filling.  The flowers took some time, each hand dusted with 6 shades of pink.

Stories of her life

This cake was to celebrate 'Bubbe's' 80th birthday and the stories of her life that got her there.  The cake is chocolate with an Oreo Swiss Meringue Butter Cream filling.

Working on this cake was a great reminder to always err on the side of caution with structure because taking it apart to improve structure and start decorating again makes for a long night and quality I would have liked to have done better.  Those are little things I forget when I don't do as many cakes.

Girl Purple Minion

My daughter Kayti has a creative streak as well and requested a Minion cake; not only that but a Purple Minion cake; not only that but a Girl Purple Minion cake.  We had to do a couple of sketches to get it right and plan so she could keep the minion.

The minion itself is made from rice crispy treats and modeling chocolate, covered in fondant.  The cupcakes are red velvet with Oreo swiss meringue butter cream filling (her flavor combination) and pink swiss meringue butter cream frosting.

Can you just hear it saying 'BWWWWAAAA' as it smashes the cupcakes while wearing little pink converse shoes?

Mario Kart

A cake you can continue adding to eternally but have to stop at some point.  I could have gone on making coins, bananas, bombs, and mushrooms for days although I might have run out of space on the cake too.

The cake is a vanilla cake with a sweet vanilla bean swiss meringue butter cream filling.

Yellow Rose of Hatbox

Yes, usually it would be a Yellow Rose of Texas, but the word Hatbox almost fits into the song.  This was a fun little hatbox cake of Red Velvet with a fondant rose on the top.  I really like the Black/White with a bright color and the hand molded rose petals with upwards of 6 color shades dusted on them really pulled it together.  This is definitely one of  my favorite roses.

Charity Drive cupcakes

The Ronald McDonald House is helping 3 Knoxville area families whose children are hospitalized, the fundraiser yesterday was a carnival with great activities for the kids, a cake walk, bake sale, etc.  These fun cupcakes went along for the bake sale.

Almond Poppy seed with lemon filling, and Chocolate cupcakes with Swiss meringue Butter Cream.  All of the decorations are 100% edible.

Calla Lily Cupcakes

These lemon poppy seed cupcakes with Swiss Meringue Butter Cream and a fondant Calla Lily are off to a celebration of life.  Simple, and dusted to match the Calla Lilies growing in our front yard.

Mad Science Cake

This Mad Science cake was made for a fun 9 year old birthday party where they made slime, dropped Mentos in Coke bottles, watched what happens to cut up Ivory soap bars in the microwave, and attempted to make ice cream (this one was a fun failure) and generally acted like 9 and 10 year old boys.

The cake is white chocolate/chocolate chip cake with Oreo swiss meringue buttercream filling.  The elements used to spell out the birthday greeting were pulled and numbered from the Periodic Table of Elements.  Creative license had to be invoked, however, to make the second letter really really small if it wasn't needed for the wording.

Tags and Flag Groom's Cake

I really enjoyed doing this cake for an Army groom, with dog tags indicating his last name and the wedding date.  The digital camo design was made by cutting out several shapes into stencils and airbrushing overlapping patterns with different colors.  This took a little time letting each layer dry before the next layer was added.  The flag is made of modeling chocolate and covered in fondant.  The dog tags are made of gumpaste/fondant mixed.

Cute Little Dinosaurs

These cute little dinosaurs were fun to make for this simple vanilla cake with Sweet vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream filling.

Boy Scouts of America - Blue and Gold Banquet

This cake was done for the Boy Scout pack annual Blue and Gold banquet.  The top tier is carrot cake, the bottom tier is chocolate cake with Oreo buttercream filling.

 Around the sides of the cake are the Boy Scout Law, Motto, and Slogan.

Calvin & Hobbes - Where Imagination Takes You

I just turned this one in at the Knoxville Great Cake Bake supporting the Imagination Library.  It is entitled - Where Will Your Imagination Take You?  It is not a real cake this year although I was hoping to, I just ran out of time.  We've always loved the Calvin & Hobbes sense of humor in our house.

The cake captures the ingenious imagination Calvin has and asks what will you do with yours.

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