Mad Science Cake

This Mad Science cake was made for a fun 9 year old birthday party where they made slime, dropped Mentos in Coke bottles, watched what happens to cut up Ivory soap bars in the microwave, and attempted to make ice cream (this one was a fun failure) and generally acted like 9 and 10 year old boys.

The cake is white chocolate/chocolate chip cake with Oreo swiss meringue buttercream filling.  The elements used to spell out the birthday greeting were pulled and numbered from the Periodic Table of Elements.  Creative license had to be invoked, however, to make the second letter really really small if it wasn't needed for the wording.

1 H- Helium, 47 Ag- Silver, 16 P- Phosphorus, 39 Y- Yttrium, 83 Bi- Bismuth, 75 Re-Rhenium, 90 Th- Thorium, 110 Ds- Darmstadtium, 79 Au- Gold, 20 Ca- Calcium, 101 Md- Mendelevium, 11 Na- Sodium