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Plant a lilac in spring

My Mother-in-law loves flowers, she grows things just by looking at them (I'm pretty sure she just has to look at plants and say 'well?? Grow!' and they do).  She loves lilacs in springtime and we planted one today in the yard as well.  This cake celebrated her birthday, a carrot cake with a maple swiss meringue buttercream filling.  The dirt is Oreo cookies ground up, the gloves and trowel and hose are all fondant, the water is hard candy.  The lilac is fondant and although time consuming, I love how it turned out.

Great Cake Bake 2012 - FairyTales PeopleTales

Have you ever wondered if we read about fairies and all the things they do and dream that it is a fantastical world where the unimaginable is real, what would they read about?  Would fairies read books about children who live in houses with walls different colors, rugs that look like flowers but don't feel or smell like them?  Would the books be about brothers playing tricks on sisters?

Calla Lily Wedding Cake

This wedding cake for a wonderful couple is chocolate with Kahloua buttercream on the top, and red velvet on the bottom.  Corinthians 13:4-7 is written on the front and side of the cake with gumpaste Calla Lilies on top.  Ivory fondant with black fondant ribbon