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Toyota Prius

My first car cake is this white Toyota Prius with red velvet interior. This 16 year old will be disappointed because this is the only car she's getting.

Red gerber daisy wedding cake

I love these big red gerber daisies, the flowers were fresh and the cake topper was ceramic.

Baby Shower cakes

Little baby bubbles was my first baby shower cake, the bathtub was molded fondant, filled with whipped cream and fondant bubbles.

A sweet little baby shower cake that says 'All the sweet things a baby girl brings'

Hand molded bathtub and rug, bubbles and duck, bed and bear.

I did a couple of cakes to match their baby shower invitations

The Kayti Fairy birthday cake

When our daughter turned 2, I made a Kayti Fairy which she still has in a display box in her bedroom.

This little Kayti fairy is sitting atop her toadstool house on a rock wall in the forest. The ladybugs and bees are buzzing around her because she's just so very sweet.

We've called our girl Kaytibug since she had so much hair she had little pigtails on top of her head from the time she was 5 months old and they looked like antenae.