Calvin & Hobbes - Where Imagination Takes You

I just turned this one in at the Knoxville Great Cake Bake supporting the Imagination Library.  It is entitled - Where Will Your Imagination Take You?  It is not a real cake this year although I was hoping to, I just ran out of time.  We've always loved the Calvin & Hobbes sense of humor in our house.

The cake captures the ingenious imagination Calvin has and asks what will you do with yours.

Scene Close Ups:
Snow Hazard On The Back Nine

Hole In One

Snowman Bowling

Snowdog Needs

Pondering The Meaning Of Life

Snowman Growing Life

Thanksgiving Revenge

Tragic Driveway Car Accident

C'mon, I Saw This In A Cartoon Once


Protest Unfair Parenting

Snow Fortress

Snow Sharks

(our son made a face when he was 1 year old that I knew I'd seen before). 
After the fun snow storms we've experienced in Knoxville this year, the last of which was 8 inches of heavy wet snow perfect for snowman building!  We (well the kids started out with me...) made 8 snowmen and then recycled them into an igloo when they started to melt.