Sweet Times in the Rockies Cake Show 2008

The Denver Home and Garden Show hosted the Sweet Times in the Rockies cake show this year with a competition for all levels and categories of cakes. This included a category that followed the theme of the Home and Garden show which was 'Enchanted Forest', this was my entry, it won the People's Choice award voted on by the public.

This was a show piece so it was made with Styrofoam in the tree trunk where the cake would go.

Do you ever wonder what fairies do all day? In my head this is what they would be doing.

Ride the Tree...

Play 'She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not'

Or, sleep like the one in the background...

Stack up the mushrooms...

Go Swinging in the leaves....

Scale the side of the tree....

Catch the butterflies....

Carry around the ladybugs....

(There were 3 ladybugs in the piece because 3 ladybugs are lucky)

Dump dew on the mushrooms

Play hide and seek...

Play leapfrog with the frogs....


  1. the detail is beyond belief!! I wish to have your imagination, and the skills to make it all come to life! This would have taken some extreme patience too... it's wonderfully magical!!


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