2008 Colorado State Fair cake entry

I entered this cake in the state fair Special Contest Decorated Cakes. The theme of the contest is Planes, trains, and automobiles. I did my research to make sure this is authentic and accurate. It is a 1934 Chevy 1/2 ton truck, hauling a load of corn. The truck has a detailed interior, with the ratcheting hand brake, gearshift with no boot, the big steering wheel, etc. The cab roof is molded from gumpaste and has poured hard candy windows clear enough to see shapes but not details in the front, back, and driver’s side. The passenger window was left rolled down so you could see the detail inside. The cake is in the engine compartment and the box of the truck as well as the bench seat inside it. The bags of corn in the back of the truck are little pats of chocolate covered in fondant.

  1. Additional things I learned while making this cake:
  2. The windshield wiper (there was only one) was a hand crank wind up one that used pendulum clock parts.
  3. There were no side view mirrors in this year.
  4. 1934 was the first year they built the truck differently than the typical Chevy cars back then, it was a cab pieced together (which is why you see the seams) in the 2nd half of 1935 they went to a solid one piece cab that was much cleaner looking.
The deluxe model of this year had a split front windshield (this is not the deluxe model)
The front windshield had a slide prop system to prop the bottom of the windshield out so you had air flow inside the cab.
The exhaust on this model ended in front of the back axle so it was not visible from the back.