Great Cake Bake entry 2010

This cake was done in dedication to my Aunt Diane who lost the fight with cancer last year.  She was an amazing woman, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, author of childrens books, storyteller, self appointed educator of condoms at each family reunion.  The cake show was put on by the Knox County Public Library so I thought it fitting to incorporate this.
The chair is mostly made from modeling chocolate and covered with Fondant and royal icing.  The middle tier is representing the library, with brick, a bronze bust, library tables, and a dedication plaque to my Aunt.  The books around the bottom tier are all fondant, with hand painted titles (this took 5 nights to complete)  The books are all the children's stories she published, and the one she is reading to the children is "Laney's Lost Momma".  The tile floor on the top tier and base are fondant, scored with a ruler, airbrushed to look like stone, and then grouted with royal icing.  The children and storyteller are all fondant.


  1. WOW... awesome cake... the detail work is amazing! must've taken you days to do.... but the end result is worth it... huh.... great work!

  2. THat is such an awesome cake!!! I love it! Congrats man!

  3. I love how the bottom layer is all books~ and the childrens faces seem so real.. you sure made their personalities come to life! love it!


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