Knoxville Chocolate Festival - Valentines Day Theme

Knoxville does a Chocolate Festival each year featuring local vendors, chocolate tasting and treats.  This year they added a cake competition to celebrate the theme of chocolate and/or Valentine's Day.  The flowerpot is chocolate cake and the fairy is made from modeling chocolate and fondant. 
The rocks were made from swirled grey fondant and stippled with a stiff paint brush, then dusted to get a realistic river rock look.  The grass between them was royal icing.  The watering can is fondant and although it's hard to see, it has a little bit of blue pulled sugar in the bottom for water.  The fairy is planting hearts to grow love.

The young lady who helps me make cakes entered her own design in the Junior division and won, she did a really great job making a heart and flower covered chocolate tree with a young lady reading/writing love stories under the tree.


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